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Entrepreneur: Arif Patel

Arif Patel, a renowned businessman, is the chairman, owner, and founder of Preston trading. He was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates On July 12, 1985. He was keen on learning new things since his childhood which inspired him to develop a strong interest in technology and business. When he completed his schooling, his family together made a tough decision to move to Preston, UK from Dubai, UAE and in 2010, they all relocated to Preston UK. This step was a great move to find his fresh experiences and possibilities.

Over 25+ Years of Experience

In the UK, he pursued his further studies and enrolled in the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England, from where he earned his graduation degree. After his graduation, he decided to grab more knowledge whereas he knew education is the best source for knowledge so he took an admission in Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University to acquire a master’s degree in petroleum engineering. Through his education, he acquired unique skills and knowledge that will benefit him in his future work in the oil and gas sector.

Founder of Preston Trading

Preston Trading is a mining, engineering, oil and gas production, and exploration company and has made significant progress in the fields of mining, engineering, and oil and gas exploration. As a founder, owner, and chairman of Preston Trading, he is the one who is in charge of the business. Under his guidance, Preston Trading achieved recognition in the industry and a reputation for implementing creative solutions while maintaining high standards. Patel’s strategic vision and leadership are largely responsible for the company’s growth and success.

His Philosophy and Leadership Skills

Mr. Patel has commitments to morality, innovative ability, and empowerment that defines his leadership approach in the business industry. He believes in inspiring his team and developing an atmosphere of cooperation at work. He never misses a chance to promote & support learning and growth. He follows his ideology and focuses on genuine achievement which includes enhancing society and achieving what is good for everyone.

His Professional Accomplishments

Apart from his role at Preston Trading, Arif Patel is one of the co-founders of the UK-based business The UK Group. The UK (United Kingdom) Group has achieved economic progress and is also involved in creating mutually alliances that are beneficial for both the parties. He has strong entrepreneurial spirit and the ability for identifying and seizing fresh business prospects that has been an evidence while making his efforts. Arif Patel has also served his responsibilities, as a CEO of ABC Capital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since 2012. During his tenure at ABC Capital, he showcased his excellent management and his planning abilities in this capacity. In fact, while looking at his expertise, he has deep understanding & knowledge of industry trends and has been able to resolve complex financial issues that have played an important role towards the consistent success of businesses. Eventually, ABC Capital performed gracefully and built its reputation in the investment industry.

Evidence of Ability and Hard Work

Looking at his remarkable business career, He started his life journey in Dubai and ultimately continued through to Preston that has proved his commitment towards his discipline & efforts. He has significantly impacted global companies as well as his contributions to the oil and gas industry have drawn attention. As one of the most prominent financial authorities in the world, Patel’s approach and dedication serve as an example to up-and-coming leaders and entrepreneurs. He has the ability to identify and manage lucrative firms.
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Arif Patel, a renowned businessman, is the chairman, owner, and founder of Preston trading. He was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates On July 12, 1985